Natural Healing Effects of Acupuncture In Women

Natural Healing Effects of Acupuncture In Women

acupunture in young girlsWomen are unique beings as far as their anatomy is concerned. In fact being a woman entails a lot ranging from the monthly menstrual cycles (what you call monthly periods), conception, pregnancy, labor, and childbearing. And of course, after all this, they have to learn how to cope with menopause. Other than the painful childbearing process, the menstrual cycle in women, right from puberty cannot go unnoticed. Practitioners on gynecological issues will tell you that dysmenorrhea and PMS are typical reasons for seeking acupuncture treatment. I know I went to my local acupuncture Miami office because i was struggling with sever craps every month.

It’s Been Used Forever!

This natural treatment is very effective because it makes use of products that are found naturally and have been used since time immemorial even before the arrival of the modern medicine. The herbs used in acupuncture treatment provide a natural, holistic medicine and once combined with the numerous acupuncture tactics, they make the treatment holistic.

Effective, Safe, and Will Keep You Looking Young

This holistic treatment is safe and very effective for women since it bears in mind their health needs. For an instant, the above-mentioned conditions (PMS and dysmenorrhea), according to Chinese medicine experts, respond well to acupuncture treatment. Women who are not beyond 25 years of age, or even younger, usually respond very fast to this method and herbs while their counterparts beyond this age (30 0r 40 years) bracket have to be more patient.

The secret is to give this treatment enough time before determining whether it will work for an individual since its progress time will be determined by the period their symptoms have been observed or detected. The treatment usually takes time if the symptoms in a given patient have been there for a long time. However, it is expected that such an individual’s general health shall improve significantly within one year of treatment.

Corrects Liver Imbalances

Both cramping and PMS are, in general, associated with imbalances in a person’s liver based on blood stagnation and body energy (what is referred to as qi).if the qi is stuck, and the blood congeals, then it is most likely that the liver has been malfunctioning and failed to effect a balanced blood circulation in your body. This is the underlying problem that handles the cramping pain and PMS.

Emotional Background

The fundamental cause of blood stagnation and liver qi is emotional and, in most time, it’s linked to the frustration and anger suppression. Every time a woman feels stuck in her life and her creative resources are ruined; naturally she will become angry and frustrated. If they continue in such situations, they will fell stuck entirely (on all levels). The body will, therefore, mirror to them this kind of stagnation by jeopardizing the blood and qi circulation via the liver meridian. In turn, this will cause mood swings, further emotional upset, and pain.

Prevents A The Dreaded Shutdown

dreaded shutdownIf there is blood stagnation in the liver, a woman will experience cramps and can lead to a shutdown. Therefore, it is the high time that women should consider acupuncture treatment to handle these conditions naturally without the use of modern medicine that can bring about severe effects in the long run. Even before this happens, its a good idea for women to take preventative measures and receive treatment before any of these “shutdown” symptoms becomes a concern. Before doing anything, consult your doctor on the effects acupuncture will have on your body – but remember, it will keep you looking like your eighteen!

Your Guide to Hair Weave Care

Your Guide to Hair Weave Care

hair weave car instructionsGetting a hair weave can be exciting. Who doesn’t like perfect hair all day, every day? Most good things come with a catch, and there is a catch to perfect hair as well. If you do not take good care of your hair weave, it could promote bacterial growth in your hair which can damage your natural hair. The last thing one wants is to have a head full of damaged hair under a weave. Bacterial growth is common in women who wear a weave because the attachment can make it difficult to wash and cleanse the scalp thoroughly. This increases the importance of hair weave care even more. Some hair weave manufacturers produce better quality hair than other which can effect the lifespan of the hair. Make sure to read the reviews of before purchasing and bundles. My favorite is their reviews on this hair weave vendor and also this Weave company as well.

The main purpose behind getting a hair weave is to allow one’s natural hair to grow out and become long and thick. However, this purpose will be defeated if you do not carry out the proper hair weave care steps. Bacterial growth can stop hair growth and, in fact, make it even more unmanageable. But worry not because we are going to take you through all the right steps. Let’s learn how to care for your hair and weave as well to ensure a healthy scalp and healthy hair.

Cleansing Your Natural Hair and Scalp

At least twice a week, you should clean your natural hair as well as your scalp to prevent fungally and bacterial growth. In order to clean your hair without getting any product on your weave, gather up the extension, bunch it together, making sure that it doesn’t get tangled and tie it at the back of your head. You can cover it with a plastic bag if that helps. Now, shampoo and wash your scalp and natural hair thoroughly. After the wash, make sure you apply a good conditioner as well which promotes hair growth.

Cleansing Your Scalp

Using a toothbrush and a scalp cleanser, gently scrub out the scalp that is visible between the weave. The brushing motion will dislodge dirt and dry scalp which can then be wiped with a towel to clean out the scalp. After you have cleaned your scalp, gently apply non-greasy hair oil on the visible scalp.

Hair Weave Care

If your hair weave came with its cleaning instructions, make sure you follow those instructions instead of these. Use a gentle shampoo to treat your hair weave. Shampoo and wash your hair weaves carefully to avoid getting them tangled. If you are experiencing breakouts, it might be because of the weave as the bacterial buildup can transfer to your skin and cause it. It is ideal that you do not use too many products on your weave as it promotes bacterial growth.

When it comes to hair weave care, you have to be careful so that you do not create a bigger problem for yourself just for looking good or growing your hair out. With proper care, a weave can prove to be a great solution for your hair and appearance. Looking good can help boost your confidence and make you feel better about your appearance.

Brazilian Body Wave Hair Weaves & Closures

Brazilian Body Wave Hair Weaves & Closures

brazilian body wave hair transformationThe fashion and hairstyle industries have really grown over the years. The trendsetters are the celebrities that follow the trend, and their fans and their followers, trying to mimic them. They cycles goes on and on from there and a hairstyle becomes viral. Celebrities dictate terms when it comes to fashion, beauty and style. Our media has also added more fuel to this trend by placing advertisements, both print and digital.

If you want to look like your favorite celebrity, and know your way around a needle and thread, then you can also sew your hair weaves and mimic your favorite celebrity. They might have spent thousands of dollars getting their Brazilian body wave hair sewn professionally, but you can sew in weaves on your own. Before we get down to the procedure, let us discuss a little more about hair weaves.

Hair Weaves

Hair weaves can either be composed of natural or artificial hair. It is used to connect hair extensions to your hair. If you want to make your hair thick and long, then there is nothing better than hair weaves.

Hair weaves also have some disadvantages. For example, if they are used for a long period, you can experience hair loss and left too long, hair fall. Asian women, and especially Indian women, are the biggest suppliers of hair weaves, because their hair can easily blend with women of different countries.

Sew In Weaves

Here is a systematic guide to how you can sew hair weaves yourself.

  1. The first things you need to do are assess your needs and select a color. Ask yourself questions. Which color will suit you and blend with your hair. How much hair you need? The choice to select a synthetic or natural hair weave depends on your personal preference.


  1. Start on one side of the head and try to hide the extension. Grab three small size hairs from a small section, hold one in your right hand and one in your left hand and a third one in the center. Keep the strand small early on to make it less bulky.


  1. Cross the hair in your right hand under the hair in the center, and repeat this procedure by picking additional hairs. Add it to the center or right and left. This will help you create the cornrow. Tighten the cornrow. Secure the end of the cornrow braid with a rubber band.


  1. Now it is time to show your skills with the needle and thread. Insert the needle in the cornrow and bring it up to sew in weaves. Use a curved needle as it will make it easier for you. Ensure the needle goes under both tracks to cover your cornrow with hair extensions. Pull the thread softly to create a loop.


  1. Bring the thread and needle back up from behind the cornrow, and try to make a knot using the loop you have created. Pull it tightly to attach the extensions in place securely. Repeat the process to sew in weaves until all your hairs are sewn. Cut the excess hairs and wash them.

Last but not least, take a look at this review from They also offer a Mayvenn coupon code.

Top Hair Weave Brands of 2015

Top Hair Weave Brands of 2015

Weaves are exceptional products to gift a new life to your hairstyle with protection. They not only give you an enchanting appearance which lasts for days but also does not damage your hair. However, beware of the purchase you are about to make. Owing to the availability of a large number of new hair products, it is natural to be skeptical of the sources where you are buying them from. Something that looks tempting in a box could turn out to be otherwise. Although the Her Imports Peruvian Body Wave Hair is our personal favorite choice, here is our list of our other recommendations:

Indique Virgin Indian

indique hair

This is one of the most admired by celebrities, as it is free of any chemical and gives hair that looks and functions exactly like genuine human hair. It can also be cut or styled (permed, colored or washed) and still be magnificent after a long period of time. Although priced a little higher as compared to other weaves, each penny you pay for this product is worth it.

Sensationnel Goddess Remi

Commonly used in local hair salons and neighborhood, the Goddess hair collection is surely the most popular product on our list of top hair weave brands. Although it may be not be one of the most durable weaves around, it is available in a large variety of types, colors and styles. For this reason, it is considered the most affordable yet versatile weave of high quality.

Sensationnel Bare N Natural Indian Virgin Remy

An exclusive hair brand, Bare N Natural was earlier sold only privately. However, at present, this hair weave brand is easily accessible to all is popular for maintaining reliability and hygiene with every individual piece. A remarkable thing about this hair is it is extremely convenient to manage and sustain water and heat, yet look and feel soft.

Extensions Plus

extnations plus logo




One of the most fashionable hair brands, Extensions Plus is a globally recognized product and a reputed brand in the hair care industry. Easy for customizing into any style, the fact which makes Extension Plus one of the top hair weave brands is it satisfies women coming from all backgrounds and ethnicities and backgrounds.

Thousands of women, including celebrities from the US, Italy and India have bought these weaves. With meticulously stitched tracks, flawless products are created and you can easily tell by looking at the weaves that only professional hands were used in the creations. May seem a little costlier but the quality is worth it.

Cuticle Remy XQ

A relatively new contender in the hair industry, Cuticle Remy XQ quickly attained popularity. By using advanced technology to produce high quality weaves, this product is known for not damaging hair, unlike other weaves. Only high quality and shiny hair is used in its production. This is why it is considered the healthiest weave in the business. Available in the Yaki form, it is most frequently used by women with African-American hair type and that’s why it is included on our list of top hair weave brands.


Her Imports is also another leading brand. They also have awesome video content they product. Check out this video they just recently put that teaches you all about the quality of Brazilian hair.

What Makes A Woman Beautiful?

What Makes A Woman Beautiful?

What are the traits that make a beautiful woman? Different people perceive beauty differently and that is why the beauty of a woman lies in the eyes of the beholder.

The following include traits that will help you find a beautiful woman regardless about beauty’s perceptions.

  1. Physical beauty

physical beautyMost men look for the outer beauty in a woman since is easy to find it. It may include the face, lips, sparkling eyes, and a curvy figure. These are some of the physical characteristics that men search for in beautiful women.

These features are superficial. This is because most women use makeup to increase their physical beauty.

Most men describe a physically beautiful woman when she has attained the above desired features.


  1. Inner beauty

inner beautyThis is the beauty that is difficult to find since it does not show when a woman is just observed from the outside. For you to know and see her inner beauty of a woman, then you are required be more intimate with her.

This is what makes a person attractive or repellant after meeting them for the first time. People always have the potential to have a good character and also a personality that is charming. Nowadays, life has changed and it is very difficult to know the real person. Therefore, when other beauty factors are taken into consideration, they help in a person’s self esteem making the inner beauty to shine through.

A woman may not have desirable physical features or intellectual beauty, but her inner beauty is usually evident from the way she acts and treats people who she interacts with.

She may be unselfish, loving, non- judgmental, and compassionate as most of her outstanding characteristics.

Though you may choose a woman depending on her physical features or intelligence, inner beauty will always be more appealing than the rest.

Inner beauty can also include politeness, intelligence, and charisma.


  1. Intellectual Beauty

beauty by intellegenceFor you to be able to evaluate a woman’s intelligence level, you have to sit down talk to her. Some may be witty but lack intelligence. They can make fun about their mistakes, be considerably clever, and not fear when it is time to speak up.

A woman should not be afraid to speak their heart out. A woman’s intelligence is not necessarily gained through formal education or by acquiring a degree. Intellectual beauty is determined by how she talks, and her confidence. A woman may not have good and desirable physical characteristics but she may have intellectual beauty which is much more important.

In conclusion, these traits can be difficult, tough to find and some are very rare in a woman. However, it depends on a person’s perception about the beauty of a woman.